Is is always Good vs. Good in conflicts?

People always try to do their Good but this may be seen as Evil by other tribes and opposed. This opposition to their Good is seen as Evil by the first tribe. And conflict results.¬†Are all conflicts one person’s or tribe’s Good vs. another person’s or tribe’s Good?

This pattern is seen in Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice, Republican vs. Democrat Shiite vs. Sunni and many other similar dichotomies. So, is their no Evil in the world and just other’s people’s or their tribe’s Good? The answer is a qualified yes. It is qualified because certain basic human rights are considered inalienable and therefore, their violation is not considered legal regardless of the fact that it was considered Good.

I read that God made everyone Good and no one Evil. The assertion was that Evil occurs because Good people are ignorant of their Good or to lazy or weak to do their Good. This makes sense.

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