It’s about Tribes NOT Race!

Tribes (i.e., socio-political groups) make up the world’s arena. Clarence Thomas is Black and African-American and is a member of the American White Law & Order Tribe. Obama is Black and Kenyan-American and is a member of the African-American Tribe. Thus, when discussing social-political issues, the color of one’s skin doesn’t matter. With which tribes one identifies does!

Ironically, the American African-American tribe has backed Obama, a Kenyan-American even when Clinton has done more for their tribe. The reason is that the African-American remains a Primeval Tribe in a Modern Tribe coalition in order to survive and get political clout. Obama meets the ideas of a Primeval Tribal leader while Clinton is more a Modern Tribal leader.

The issue is that the Primeval Tribal Leader’s obligations are to their Primeval Tribe at the expense of others. The Modern Tribes Leaders are obliged to all tribes.

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