Super-Delegates needed because Obama is a Black George McGovern

There a several parallels between Obama’s current campaign and George McMcGovern’s engineered 1972 Democratic fiasco.

First, McGovern used his opportunity as Democratic Party Chairman before 1972 to reorganize the local caucus selection processes to favor first time novices attending. Obama has used his single national speech at the Democratic National Convention to propel himself to prominence.

Second, like McGovern Obama has used first time caucus attendees to overwhelm established attendees to his advantage. Like McGovern supporters , Obama supporters have alienated established local political participants. McGovern’s efforts lead to the wholesale exodus of conservative Democrats to the Republication Party and turned the Democratic South into a Republican South. Obama’s process will lead to an exodus of moderate Democrats to a moderate Republication candidate. This may not be all bad since it would mean a moderation of the Republican Party; yet, it would mean a further liberalization of the Democratic Party. And as has been proven over and over again, Liberal Democrats can win national elections.

Third, Super-Delegates were developed to prevent a recurrence of McGovern’s railroading of the Democratic Presidential selection processes by political novices like Obama is trying to replicate. Obama is trying to nullify Super-Delegate independence that was put in place just for his type of campaign. He wants to nullify the judgments of experienced politicians and delegates and let his inexperienced novice delegates select the party nominee.

Next, Obama has yet to win an election in a major state. Therefore, he does NOT want redo primaries in Michigan or Florida even though he uses the claim that the voters should have the final choice to try to nullify Super-Delegates. This is because he does not have enough support and he does not have enough political novices to win major state elections like he does for local caucuses. Obama doesn’t want voters to select the Democratic Presidential Nominee. He was his novice caucus attendees to do it just like McGovern.

So, in the end, Obama is a Black McGovern trying to usurp established Democratic Party processes using political novices. I don’t see much chance of a different outcome if he makes it to the November Election.

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