November Headlines: A Democratic Liberal Loses the Presidential Election Again!

Like McGovern, Dukakas, Mondale & Kerry, Obama will lose the national Presidential Election if nominated!. Liberals Democrats have repeatedly been unable to win the Presidency. This is unlike Moderate Democats like Clinton and Gore (Gore did win the election; the Supreme Court just stole it).

Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats cannot win national Presidential elections. Instead they must select more moderate members of their parties if they are to have a chance. The Republicans have settled on a Moderate Right candidate John McCain who will easily trounce a Liberal Democrat like Obama. A Moderate Left candidate like Clinton would likely beat a Moderate Right Republication.

Connecticut is the precedent. Liberal Democrats defeated as sitting Moderate Senator Lieberman in the Democratic Senatorial primary. Their Liberal Democratic candidate lost the state election to the Moderate Lieberman running as an Independent! This will play out nationally as a Moderate Republican beating out a Liberal Democrat in November.

The Democratic Super-Delegates who owe their existence to McGovern’s co-opting of the Democratic Presidential Nomination by political novices should rise up and prevent the current Black McGovern, i.e., Obama from doing it again.

Save the Democratic Party from its Liberal minority hegemony. And, stop Moderate Democrats from having to vote Republican AGAIN!

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