Where are the Villains of the Wall & Main Street Debacle?

Home owners would not buy homes nor financial institutions buy their mortgages knowing that foreclosure was highly probably in the next few years. How did these Main Street & Wall Street debacle happen?

Someone induced home buyers to buy their homes using sub-prime loans they could not afford. Someone sold these unsustainable loans to financials institutions worldwide. Where are these intermediaries responsible for the debacles in Main Street and Wall Street? Why is there focus only on the victims of this debacle and not the villains, i.e., the so-called capitalists that caused it?

Maybe it’s because white collar evil-doing is given a pass because these capitalists/villains made money. And as noted (see, Americans worship money and the people who make it. This debacle is almost like a democratic robber barons process. Any white collar entrepreneur can sell anything and make money in the name of capitalism and it’s buyer beware. They even seek charitable donations without doing charity, i.e., charity fraud and get away with it.

Capitalism does have a good-doing side but the evil-doing sides (criminal capitalism or personal wealth capitalism) are gaining acolytes since these villainous capitalists get personally wealthy. These capitalists/villains need to be made to pay for their ill gotten gains rather than being idolized. Only then will their ranks be diminished.

So where are the villainous capitalist who created the Wall & Main Street debacle? They need to be found and made to pay!

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