Controlling Ones Weight Through Lifestyle Changes

Diet is a four letter word and they don’t work and never will. Diets makes the body feel deprived. Therefore given the chance the body restores what it has lost and then some just to prepare for possible future deprivation. This is the basis of the yo-yo plus weight loss and gains seen with diets and what makes obesity an epidemic.

So, what works? What works is lifestyle modification without extreme deprivation. First, increase you physical activity. Walk the dog for at least thirty minutes daily. Take the stairs several times daily. Get up from the desk and walk around the office perimeter several times daily. Park the car at the far end of the parking lot. Physical activity must be part of the school day. Anything that increases exercise should be sought.

Next, avoid all foods made with flour, potatoes or sugar, i.e., starches. No breads, pastas, breakfast cereals, french fries, etc. At most one portion of one of these peer day would be acceptable. You can have any amount of meats and vegetables except starches. This recommendation has a physiologic basis.

The body cannot burn fat when its blood insulin levels are increased. Food and snacks with starches greatly increase insulin levels and prevent fat burning. So, even with caloric restriction, a starchy snack or meal will increase insulin and fats are blocked as calories for energy. Needing calories, the body will use proteins such muscles for energy. This is what causes the wash out feeling of diets that include starches.

In summary, increase activity significantly and avoid starches. This combination is a solid start to the lifestyle changes needed for a better life at a better weight.

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