Immigration: Intolerance is Intolerance regardless of the Law

The Law and Order Americans want all “illegal immigrants” deported because they broke the law and also oppose changing the law to make these immigrants legal. It is obvious that the law is not the issue since it can be changed. Intolerance of immigrants is the issue. To cite the law to cover up for intolerance that includes racism and bigotry is cowardly.

One of the universal fears of people is fear of strangers and the need for community. Outsiders, especially different looking and speaking immigrants, are strangers and are feared. If these illegal immigrants were English-speaking and American-looking, illegal immigrants would be a non-issue. This is intolerance at its worse.

Illegal immigrants are vital contributors to the US economy. The are productive in jobs that legal immigrants and Americans won’t do and they are consumers of American products. They are net contributors to our economy rather than unworthy moochers as commonly thought. To deport illegal immigrants would cripple our economy. Illegal immigrants are the fastest growing group in the USA. Without them, America’s future work force would be severely decreased.

So, the solution to illegal immigration is not deportation that is a logistical impossibility. Instead, the solution is the legal integration of these immigrants into the social fabric they are already a big part of. To oppose this is to reveal intolerance of the worst kind.

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