Paying Taxes is a Privilege But Misuse of Tax Revenues is Abuse of Power

Taxes are the price we pay for the privilege of living in the US and getting governmental sponsored infrastructure, security, safety nets, etc. Yet, the waste of our tax revenues by our Executive & Legislative branches of government is a abuse of power.

It looks like our government is either “tax and spend” or “tax cut and spend.” The “tax cut and spend” administrations have lead to massive increases in national debt and marked increases between the have and have-nots creating a super wealthy elite in this country. Ironically, these super wealthy not only pay less taxes proportionately from tax cuts they also get significantly greater portions of the governmental spending. In turn, these super wealthy are the representatives in our Congress and/or fund their elections.

Cutting governmental spending is a must. Yet, entitlements are a major part and thought to be sacrosanct. But, they are not. There is massive waste in our entitlement programs, i.e., Social Security and Medicare.

As mentioned (in a previous post), many have depleted their contributions to the Social Security Pension fund and are now receiving payments as welfare. A means test must be established for those who have depleted funds to see if they merit welfare. A significant portion of them will not qualify for welfare and the savings from this alone would be in the tens of billions of dollars.

Next, Medicare pays for care that should not be provided. At the end of life, there is a lot of care that CAN be provided but SHOULD not be because it has minimal to no benefit to the quality or quantity of life. Cynically, providers of this futile care benefit significantly while their patients don’t. It is estimated that 50% of the Medicare budget is spent in the last six months of life. Stopping this futile care would save several hundred billion dollars. Medicare is already embarking on a program not to pay for avoidable medical events. A program to stop paying for futile care would provide significantly greater saving.

Next, waste in government contracts is rampant. There is always a hefty premium for government business. The government must past laws mandating that business cannot charge the government any more than they charge any other customers. They have done this in health care with some success. Eliminating the government business premium costs should save hundreds of billions.

Finally, even though earmarks are a tiny piece of the total budget they have to bel eliminated. Favoritism, nepotism, cronyisms, etc are the basis of these earmarks and have no place in someone who represents their districts, states, and nation. It is reprehensible how these earmarks favor the few at the expense of the many. This is got to stop. Yet, those who give money get money. And money wields power.

Stop the abuse of power and demand that our branches of government be fiscally responsible.

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