Is survival possible without me loving me?

Our very survival requires that we love our own self as we are! We must be able to look in the mirror and say “I love me just the way I am” and mean it wholeheartedly. This is very hard to do because most of us want to change some things about us. Nevertheless, without doing this change is unlikely and our very survival as ourselves is not possible. Also, it is impossible to love someone or something else with unconditionally loving oneself first. It may be closeness, caring, infatuation, and the like but it is not love.

Once you love you the way you are, your self acceptance that is part of this love will attract others. The world will look more beautiful and the intimacy, i.e., being present as ones true self that is vital for survival will occur more often.

It takes practice looking in the mirror and into your own eyes and saying “I love me the way I am?” But with practice comes love. And, with love will come survival. There is no other way.

Loving unconditionally our significants others will reveal themselves to themselves. Everything deserves to be loved as is and to conditionally love is not to love at all. Parenting without unconditional love is incomplete and does not serve our children well. Closeness is not enough.

Love Unconditionally. First, yourself, then others and then the world. It will transform you.

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