Obama’s Naiveness is His and Possibly the Democrat’s Downfall

The men who said “You have nothing to fear but fear itself.”, “I have a dream.” and “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” were experienced and tried great men. Obama can say those and other inspirational words but he only have naiveness to back them up. Words inspirational as they may be will not lead to success unless the experience to back them up is present.

Jimmy Carter, a nuclear scientist, is probably the most intelligent President we ever had. He was not successful due to his inexperience at the national level. George W. Bush, not intelligent nor experienced but a wizard with words to manipulate, also is unsuccessful as President. Obama is a like Carter and Bush in his inexperience.

Obama is naive to believe his election would change the over 500 Congressional members to his way of thinking. As an inexperienced and self-proclaimed outsider, he will be ignored and frustrated. People forget that it was not President Kennedy but the more vastly experienced and well-connected Johnson that had most societal changes passed during that era. Obama will not have a Johnson to back him up.

Obama would be a great VP to a Clinton Presidency since he would acquire the experience required to be President. If nominated, he will not win because Moderate Democrats will not want history to repeat itself at such a critical stage of our country’s history. It looks like Obama is doomed to fail and may take the Democratic Party with him. The McGovern model that Obama is copying lead to Super Delegates to prevent it from happening again. I hope that they have the experience to stop this juggernaut of naivety.

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