“You’re Welcome”: Accepting a “Thank You” Gracefully

It is rare that I hear the appropriate “You’re Welcome” as a response to a “Thank You.” Usually, the response is a return “Thank You”. Why is it we can’t accept such a simple acknowledgement?

A “Thank You” is usually stated when a person wants to acknowledge a kindness, service or something else that the person deems of value. It is a polite and usually sincere response for receiving this value.

Not responding “you’re welcome” is not to acknowledge this person’s politeness and sincerity and actually off-putting a best and insulting at worse. To respond with a “Thank You” is to insinuate that the value received is bigger or more important than the value given. It’s one-upmanship. Although it may be true, this response nevertheless fails to acknowledge the other’s feelings. A “you’re welcome” followed with a “and thank you for …..” would be more appropriate.

So, practice responding “you’re welcome” to a “thank you” and accept the other person’s acknowledgement. It is not only appropriate but also the right think to do.

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