Disrespecting Science for Gain: The Asbestosis Abatement Example

Science strives to be as objective and factual as possible. Although an impossibility, it is nevertheless a necessary goal. Yet, capitalists and politicians frequently ignore, misinterpret, distort and otherwise change the scientific facts for their own personal gains. This disrespect hurts not only science but the general populous as well.

For example, name one product other than cigarettes where the manufacture factually states that “their is no safe use of our product.” After decades of distorting science, cigarette manufactures are now using science to legally protect themselves. So, why is an always unsafe product still being manufactured and not regulated strictly? Capitalists are having their cake and eating it too at the expense of smokers. Cigarettes need to be regulated like narcotics, but wait! Paradoxically, there is even safe use of narcotics but nevertheless they are regulated. Governments needs to bite the bullet and strictly regulate the manufacture of tobacco products.

Another example of science being distorted is asbestos abatement. Asbestos is ubiquitous and even in the air we breathe. Asbestosis exposure is by inhalation and needs to be heavy or massive and very prolonged over years for damage to occur in only a few. So why asbestos and it handling treated as if someone was handling a hazardous material?

This process started with the pervasive litigation for asbestos related diseases–asbestosis (lung disease) and mesothelioma (pleural based cancer)–in workers exposed before its regulation. Since these diseases occurred decades after exposures, the workers exposed have long died or are very elderly. Guidelines in the 60’s and 70’s prevented a new generations of workers from asbestosis exposure.

Nevertheless, lawyers who reaped or hope to reap the riches from diseases due to exposure to asbestosis next targeted litigation for exposure only with potential disease, i.e., not actual disease. They were successful.

Capitalists not wanting to be left out had rules and regulations generated that requires the management of asbestosis removal like the management of a highly hazardous material. There were people who actually inhaled asbestosis dust for years without disease; yet, the removal of asbestosis containing material that does NOT create dust still requires ridiculous costly methods.

The is no science behind the asbestosis abatement regulations and processes. There is much more danger in global warming, driving, guns, tobacco use, dietary supplements and many other unregulated sold items. There is science behind these hazards but the money for capitalists is in allowing them rather than regulating them. Capitalist thus distort science in whichever way they want for personal gain and to the detriment of the populous.

Ironically, governments that frequently pay for this science are the same governments that support distortions for capitalist’s personal gain. It needs to start being the government of the people and for the people and use science to protect the people. It needs stop being the government of the capitalists and for the capitalists!

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