Are Humans Just Pawns in the Earth’s Recycling Plans?

Over the billions of years, one comes to wonder if there is rhyme or reason to the slow yet monumental changes that the earth undergoes. Continental drifts with tectonic plates smashing against each other and the evolutionary changes of life on the planet that several times has been decreased by 90% only to bounce back. Finally, why have human beings been so favored in the last epoch. Is there a reason behind all this?Teleologically, there must be a reason and earth’s recycling of its resources may be it.

The environment on earth has varied dramatically over eons. Different ages have had markedly different amount of gases in the atmosphere along with widely varying temperatures. Warming and ice ages variations have been well documented.

Yet, in the previous recent epochs a massive amount of carbon dioxide in the form of plants and animals was sequestered deep under the earth. This sequestered carbon dioxide are called hydrocarbons and commonly known as oil and gas.

Now, if the native intelligence of the earth, i.e., Gaia wanted to recycle this carbon dioxide, how would it do it? Certainly, catastrophic upheavals and fires would release this carbon dioxide but would also destroy the surface of the earth leaving it lifeless. No further use of life would be possible.

An alternative would be to allow the evolutions of intelligent beings that could extract and burn these hydrocarbons. With the recycling of it carbon dioxide the continually changes in the physical earth would continue.

So, in the finally analysis, human beings may just be pawns in Gaia’s recycling plans.

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