We Are One with Nature No Matter What You Think.

Due to their religious beliefs many humans believe they have a special place in the grand schema of Nature They also believe that this special place gives them a privilege that exempts them from the laws of Nature and their participation in Nature. Nothing is further from the truth.

Since matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed everything that exists was present from the beginning whether it be the Big Bang or Creation. Our atoms has been recycled endlessly in inorganic and organic forms. Even though the way our atoms are arranged leads to our individual uniqueness, they nevertheless follow all the laws of Nature.

The consequences of considering oneself apart from Nature is that one ignores Nature. Nature becomes a ways to a means and these ways usually harm or destroy the elements of Nature involved. Yet, Nature doesn’t care because its laws keep it on an even keel. Too much carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning just increase the global temperature which will lead to more and longer growth of plants that will uptake the carbon dioxide. The Canadian northern forests and tundra that are frozen most of the year will be thawed out and consume huge quantities of carbon dioxide. That fact that the polar ice melting will submerge most low lying coastlines and their cities is no concern to Nature.

It is ironic how humans whose total beings follow all the laws are Nature is so dismissive of it. Space-Time is at this moment that will live in eternity and not “tomorrow at the office.” The laws of physics and biology are for the most part understood. Yet, humans still believe that they will survive their death (i.e., Nature) defying behaviors and addictions.

Thus, it is key to realize that when we are speaking of Nature we are speaking about ourselves. And, anything we do to Nature we are doing to ourselves. Thus company profits that line our pockets and destroying some part of Nature may actually be hurting us.

Isn’t it time to realize we are one with Nature?

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