If a Father Gave Life to His Children, Then Gore Gave Life to the Internet

Claiming participation in the creation of a life or invention or other things is something to be proud of and brag. Yet, when Gore claimed he “invented” the Internet he was ridiculed and maligned because it was politically expedient to do so. Nevertheless, without Gore there would be no Internet and here’s why.

The Internet arose out of the military’s restricted network called Arpanet that matured during the 1980’s. At the same time technology and connections (‘bitways’) improved that made it possible to develop a similar network, i.e., the Internet, for the rest of Americans. The only problem was legislation and money that could make it happen.

This is were Gore comes in. As a Senator, he developed the bill that led to the creation of the Internet. Since the Internet did not exist before the passing of his bill, he could legitimately say that he “invented” the Internet since it resulted from his bill. Many misunderstood his statement to mean he invented the technology for the Internet. He did not claim that but for politically expediency his critics did not take the time to correctly understand Gore’s statement.

So, at a minimum, Gore did “Father” the Internet just like his critics fathered their children. And since it was created with the passing of his legislation, it could be said that he invented the Internet since it would not have existed otherwise. Giving Gore credit when credit is due is being truthful.

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