Why Obama Can NOT be a Hitler

Those who liken Obama’s rise to prominence and probable leadership to that of Adoph Hilter have a point but there is no way Obama can be anything like Hitler and here’s why.

If one looks back in recent history to find a charismatic leader with no experience who on the strength of his oratory and organization became leader of his country, Adolph Hitler comes to mind. Obama has captured the Democratic Presidential Nomination with no experience and on the strength of his oratory and organization but he CANNOT be another Hilter due to the balance of power and checks and balances between the branches.

The crowds that Obama attracts and his inspirational speeches are similar to those shown of Adolph Hitler. He mantra of “Change” is ill defined and yet to be vetted either through past actions or policy stances. Obama has no “Mein Kampf” like Hitler did.

Though Pres. G. H. Bush was able to wield unearned power through “signing statements” modifying passed legislation and duplicity to start his wars, it is unlikely that the other branches will be fooled again due their experience with the Bush Regime.

So, although Obama’s rise to prominence may parallel that of Hilter, the US Constitution and checks and balances will not let Obama have the power that Hilter did. Therefore, this is an unfounded fear and just a distraction from the yet to vetted Obama ways of governance.

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