Daily Good: Lead with Your Heart, Live with Your Conscience–Queen’s All God’s People

It is difficult to know what the Good thing to do is in this complex and complicated world. Too many outside considerations intrude into our daily lives to really know what is Good. Our private lives are no longer really private. Is their a rule by which we could for the most part do Good and not do Evil. There is and it’s ” Lead with your heart, Live with your conscience” and here’s why it works.

If we value of our individual Good and believe others should have the opportunities to have their own Good, then we should be able lead with our heart and live with our conscience. This means that we really know intuitively what is the Good thing to do but frequently we modify this for various reasons and do something less than Good or maybe even Evil. These modifications are what sometimes makes it difficult to leave with our conscience. There are several reasons for this.

First, there are frequently several Good to pick from. They are frequently equal in their Good in balance; yet, they have different aspects. Therefore, choice comes into play.

Second, our conscience is what we feel about ourself about something we did. If we feel primary feelings such as happiness, anger, sadness then we probably did something we can live with. But, if we feel meta-feelings, i.e., feelings about feelings like shame, guilts, remorse, etc. then we are having problems living with our consciences and need to rectify the situations.

Third, Charity love involves self disinterest, tranquility and humility. Frequently, we feel meta-feelings because we were not self disinterested or tranquil or humble. This causes us problems with our conscience.

You may ask, “How about all those evil doers? They live with their consciences. What’s up with that?” As noted in a previous blog entry, God made all his people Good. There are just some that are ignorant of Good or too lazy or weak to do Good therefore they do Evil. Then they lie to themselves and their co-evil doers to attempt to live with their consciences. In the end, they will either repent and make Good, suffer the consequences or some combination of both.

So, lead with your heart and live with your conscience. If this doesn’t work and you have problems with your conscience then you need to examine the Good you heart is leading you to and get your heart and your conscience in synchrony.

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