Nuclear Power: The Green Energy Alternative, bur First…..

With gasoline prices over $4 a gallon and no relief in sight, many are wondering what can be done to alleviate the long-term energy problem. Regardless of long-term solutions, many temporizing actions must be taken first until the final solutions can be implemented. Paradoxically, the ultimate green energy source is nuclear fission (and eventually, fusion) power.

First, the temporizing measures required are to significantly improve energy use efficiencies. Houses should have high SEER (>14) air conditioners and high efficiency (>90%) furnaces. Every new building must prevent energy loss with weather stripping, high R-value walls and windows, etc.. Retrofitting existing homes and buildings without these efficiencies should have a high priority and should have tax advantages. New constructions should have built-in efficiencies regulatory required .

All vehicles must have a minimum efficiency throughout their use (i.e., take new and old gas guzzlers off the roads) and CAFE standards should be advanced and increased to require much more efficient standards faster. Big trucks must not be allowed idle when stopped at rest stops. Alternative more efficient air conditioning and heating options should be developed to allow their engines to be turned off.

Electricity must be conserved. Trickle charges must be stopped through the use of software that turns them off when not needed. “Push” or “Pull” technology should be use to maximally manage electricity use for greatest efficiency. Air conditioning or heating only bedrooms at night through improved systems would save significant amounts of energy.

Regardless of efficiencies, power from fossil fuels will need to stop being generated because of its scarcity and/or it green house/global warming effects. There are just no reasonable ways to handle the carbon dioxide produced.

Hydrogen and it use in fuel cells that only produce water as a byproduct is being hailed as the next massive energy source. Paradoxically, it will take energy to product hydrogen. Fossil fuels cannot be used to make hydrogen since it will still have the unwanted inefficiencies and carbon dioxide waste. Ironically, the obvious and green solutions for future energy sources are nuclear fission and subsequently fusion when developed.

Nuclear fission has come a long way since the Three-Mile Island incident. At that time only 5% of the energy in the uranium fuel could be extracted and the rest was toxic for many tens of thousands of years so waste disposal was and still is an issue.

New nuclear fission technology uses 95% of the energy in uranium and the remaining small amount is toxic for less than a thousands years. Electricity produced by nuclear fission can power homes and business and be used to produced hydrogen for mobile use.

Energy from nuclear fission produces no green house gases and the waste problem has been solved. It is is the ultimate green energy. Eventually, when science is able to developed sustainable and energy positive nuclear fusion reactions this source can be used.

It is time to realize that Nuclear Power is Green and more practical and reliable than alternative energy sources.

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