Do American’s Always Need Pain to Change? Debt & Energy

Americans are changing to Democratic candidates because of the pain of the Bush regime’s foreign policies and economic debacles. Now Americans are starting to conserve fuel and change their driving and riding habits due to the pain of fuel prices. Pain is an valid impetus for change and frequently used in animal behavior control. Yet, it would be nice to think as the higher cognitive functioning animal that humans are that change would be thought out before the ‘pain for change’ is present.

Our national debt at $10 trillion is unserviceable. Will we have to have a massive economic crises with massive inflation of over 1000% per year in order to make the debt worthless and thus serviceable. That will certainly be very painful. Yet, the tax and spend Democrats nor the tax cut and spend Republicans have the political will to cut governmental spending. God help us when we reach our third world economic crises and our lenders impose economic austerity measures on us in order for the country to stay solvent. Pay back will be very painful in more ways than one.

In 1973 we suffered the pains of fuel shortages. This pain lead to some national measures that improved the circumstances. Yet, when the pain went away we went back to our old wasteful habits and stopped conserving and being wasteful. Today, the pain of fuel costs are again causing change but change will take time. In the meantime, the pain will not relent. There are NO short term answers. Only long term planning will work.

As already noted, the panacea of fuel cells powered by hydrogen is not real since fuels are needed to create hydrogen. We will be transferring the energy of hydrocarbons (coal, gas, oil) to make hydrogen and paradoxically transforming energy from on type to another is never efficient so we will be using more energy than made. Hydrogen will only perpetuate and worsen the current shortages and make global warming worsen UNLESS we use nuclear power. Nuclear power is the GREEN energy source but we are doing nothing massive in this direction. A national program like the race to the moon is needed in energy to solve our issues in the next decade.

Ironically, avoidance of pain is almost a universal value. Nevertheless, pain is fast becoming a universal requirement for change. God help the American people as it goes through the tremendous pain of giving up it wasteful life-styles and becomes a citizen of the world. Joining others in saving our world and our selves is going to be painful.

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