As Suspected “Settled Law” is Unsettled: US Supreme Court 2nd Amendment Ruling and Is Abortion Next?

The US Supreme Court’s reversal of 1930’s “settled law” that the community instead of the individual has the right to own guns makes it obvious that Justices Roberts and Alito were duplicitous during their Senate confirmation hearings. It is sad that they have let their values agenda lead them to lie in order to be confirmed for the US Supreme Court. These two Juctices along with Justices Scalia and Thomas provide the core group that will change other settled law, i.e., they will outlaw abortion. They are mistaken and this is how.

If an individual has a right to bear arms then they have a right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness which means they have the right to abortion and marry any person they want regardless of gender. But, this is not how the Law & Order Tribe sees it. This Tribe (see Moral Values, Politics & You) is an extremely strong one that sees laws in black and white and unchangeable. Unchangeable except when it is to their benefit. And, that is the crux. The Law and Order Tribe is intolerant of other tribal values and therefore discriminate against anyone not of their tribe. Ironically, the Law & Order Tribe violate the Constitution and many laws and only respects the laws they believe in.

Paradoxically, it is obvious that settled law regarding abortion and marriage personal rights are at risk from a US Supreme Court that rules on gun ownership personal right. There paradox is understandable when one understand the tribal value systems that the individual Justices adhere to.

Shame on you, Justices Roberts and Alito. You have lied to the country and you should resign for your duplicity. Then again you don’t have the individual courage to do so. Your tribe is your identify and you are just their pawns. Shame on you for being so naive.

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