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Lives of quiet desperation and its systematic elimination.

Monday, December 8th, 2008

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. Walden, Thoreau 1854

Today it not only the mass of men but it is the masses of men, women and children who lead lives of quiet desperation. Change is in the air and this atmosphere should provide many an opportunity to release their desperation. But, work is required.

People are desperate because they are unhappy with their lot and want desperately to change it. The inability to change it causes angst. The masses want to change themselves, their significant other, jobs, friends, churches and/or many other aspects of their lives, but the don’t. They don’t because change causes more angst then they are currently feeling. A “Catch-22”.

Without change, life stops. We constantly change internally. It actually takes more effort to stop change than to let change happen. But fear and anxiety of change prevent it. “Daring the dark” (M. Fox, Creation Spirituality) is the one easy way to allow change. It doesn’t seem easy since the dark produces fear but it is fear of the unknown. Almost universally this unknown is much less than was feared. So, to quote Winston Churchill, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The election of B. Obama to be President is a lesson. Systematic, thoughtful planning by a Modern Tribe leader (see Link: Moral Values & You) can lead to widespread change. Our fragmented country had been to the the Republican’s advantage; so, they continued to divide and instill fear. It didn’t work in 2008.

So, now is the time to look outward and work together to fixed the our inclusive Modern Tribe moral values and get rid of the Primeval Tribe’s non-inclusive moral values. We must reorganize our priorities to be enhance everyone’s good and not the good of the few. We need to know that each one of us is equal, unique and allowed to be ourselves and that the rich are not more equal than anyone else. Once we collectively support all individuals in the world, the world will again give us the respect we have lost in the last eight years. Only then will our societal desperation end.

And it is now time to look inward and work within ourselves to rid ourselves of dreams we impose on others and get imposed on us. Our reality is just that–our reality. It is unique to us and only us. Those who preach that we are wrong, bad, less human or whatever because we don’t value or believe in their dream are imposing their dreams on us. They only have the power we given them. Not believing their dreams robs them of power. Our dream is right for us as long as it is ours. Once we accept our dream and who we ares, our desperation as individuals will dissolve.

Rejoice in the impending end of Primeval Tribe hegemony. May their exclusive values be gone forever. And, may the inclusive and nurturing values of Modern Tribes finally prevail in the 21th Century.