Competent Leadership is Unexciting. And Unexciting is What We Need!

In spite of continuing US & Gobal financial crises and ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is remarkable how calm and collective people are nowadays. Ironically, unlike G. W. Bush’s Regime’s, Obama’s leadership is so reassuring and unassuming that there is time to relax and take a deep breathe. Obama’s competence is so unexciting that it is allowing Americans a longed needed respite from the 8 years of turmoil fueled by Bush’s incompetence.

When people do their jobs with excellence it should appear as if nothing special is going on. I recall the day when I first saw Michael Jordan play in Chicago. At half time, I told my companion that Michael must be having an off game because he looked quite ordinary. My companion pointed to the scoreboard and noted that Michael had 25 points the first half. I was amazed at how Michael made a 25 point half look so routine and unexciting. That is true mastery and competence.

So, with Obama’s leadership anxiety is melting and a cautious optimism is slowly but surely arising. The sinners of Bush’s era that lead to an un-needed war in Iraq and the financial debacle will pay for their sins. They will regret their duplicity and subsequent actions.

In the meantime, the World will regain confidence in a America that is honest, forthright, willing to work hard and is not duplicitous. God bless America!

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