Americans are Tired of Clueless Politicians “Speaking for Americans”

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas at a Conservative Tea Party on April 15th said something like “Americans are getting tired of what is going on in Washington.” What Americans are tired of is clueless politicians like Perry saying they are speaking for Americans. It is ironic that those who lost the national race for leadership are still acting as they are leading. Is it stupidity or hubris?

NO ONE SPEAKS for AMERICANS. Americans are TOO DIVERSE to have ANY ONE PERSON speak for them. Leaders in America REPRESENT their American constituents but they do NOT speak for them. They must continuously ask their constituents what they are thinking and convey what their constituent are saying. It is hubris to believe that they always know what they thinking and are always speaking for them.

Conservative (Primeval) Tribal Leaders lead by fiat and do not believe they need to ask their constituents for advice. That is why they shun polls and get record low poll approvals like GW Bush did. GW was not representing his American constituents and he was NOT speaking for Americans most of the time he was in office even though he believe he did. They are exclusively partisan.

Modern Tribal Leaders l B. Obama listen to their constituents through all sorts of methods including polls. They represent their American constituents as much as possible. The look beyond partisanship and for consensus hoping Primeval Tribal leaders are unable to get beyond their partisanships.

It is unlikely that clueless Politicians like Gov. Perry of Texas will become wise enough to represent Americans nationally. Yet, GW Bush did it. So to quote H.L. Mencken, “No one in this world has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.” Has G.W educated us enough to be wary of a Rick Perry and Jeb Bush? I would certainly hope so.

Americans can not stand to have there Leaders Speak for Them rather than Represent Them again. We cannot afford it politically, financially or spiritually.

P.S. Dick Cheney: You have always been wrong. You are an anachronism. Go back to your pre-1960’s fossilize era. You don’t belong in the 21st Century.

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