Human Rights and Bush’s Torture Memos = American Hubris?

Today, the Obama Justice Department released GW Bush Regime’s Legal Opinions on torture. They condone blatant violations of basic human rights and violate the Nuremburg Trials and Helsinki Accords. Yet, the current Attorney General said that no CIA or other agents using these legal opinions will be prosecuted. Is this the ultimate in American hubris?

In the Nuremburg Trials, it was decided that a defendant’s claim that the action was a legal State order or sanctioned is insufficient to justify basic human rights. Are American’s doing the say thing?

Someone needs to be prosecuted for this egregious violation of basic human rights and I believe Bush’s so-called Legal Team should be the ones. They are the one who wrote these opinions and sanctioned illegal actions. They are the criminals and they should not be allowed to get a pass on these illegal decisions.

And if these Legal Team members state that these decisions were demanded by higher ups then these higher ups should be prosecuted also. NO ONE is above the decisions of the Nuremburg Trials and Helsinki Accords.

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