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Saving Social Security: Pension vs. Welfare

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Social Security is going to run out of money soon. The best way to save them is use them for what they were intended, that is a pension not a welfare fun. The following is my reasoning.

Social Security was developed as a Pension fund. Unfortunately, it pays out a lot more than is funded by the participant. This makes Social Security a Welfare Fund. Most do not have a problem paying Social Security Welfare for those who fail a means test. This does not happen so that many with good incomes receive Social Security Welfare even though they do not need welfare.

Social Security Pension money should repay according to the person’s investment in the fund. Once this runs out, a means test (e.g., income less than 200% poverty level) should be used to exclude those who do not need social welfare.

I imagine many would be eliminated from the SS roles with a means test after their Pension runs out. Many like me would probably even donate our SS Pension as long as it was matched by Congress to avoid having Congress continue to pillage the SS Pension.

Attacking the Person Rather Than the Idea is Getting Old and So is Rush Limpbag

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Since Primeval Tribal members can conceive and hold only one ideology at a time (their own!), the cannot accept anyone else with differing thoughts. Thus, they attack the person with the differing ideology rather addressing (‘attacking”) the different ideas. These attacks are a successful way to divert the attention from the ideas to the person; thus, leaving the ideological controversy unaddressed. These Primeval attacks are getting old and remain unfruitful in the Modern era. Basically, the autocratic leader of the Primeval Tribe, Rush “Limpbag” Limbaugh, ought to resign and lead a monastic life of sllence and solitude. This should lead to the Enlightenment of some of his ideological automatons.

Speaker Pelosi’s statement that the CIA mislead her is her personal belief. The Primeval Tribe should know better than anyone else the political value of ‘faulty’ recollection. W. Bush, Cheney, Rove, Gonzalez and may other W. Bush Regime cronies purposely used ‘faulty recollection’ as means to excuse their misgoverning. There is no proof that Pelosi’s recollection is faulty yet.

Yet, the Primeval Tribe men like Rush Limpbag call for Pelosi’s resignation because she doesn’t remember like they think she should and they frequently don’t. This is a double standard, i.e., faulty memory is OK for Conservatives/Primeval Tribal members but not for Modern Tribal members.

It is ironic that even if Pelosi had known about water-boarding in 2002, if she had tried to do anything about it she would have been pilloried and mercilessly attacked and even called a traitor. Limpbag would have called for her resignation. No one outside the Primeval Tribe can ever be right! Peolsi and any Modern Tribal member can NEVER be right unless they adhere to Primeval Tribal ideology.

The era for the Conservative ideal for universal mono-ideology is passed. W. Bush and his Dick were their chance to govern and they failed miserably. Diversity of culture and socio-economic statuses will forever prevent the return of Conservative hegemony. Thus, Limpbag take a hike….your ideas are passe. Then again, I don’t expect Limpbag to walk away from a cash cow since it’s really about Conservative money not the Conservative agenda.

(addendum: For clueless Republicans, it is with tongue-in-cheek that I write this using Republican methodology)