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White Men Claiming Reverse Discrimination Just Don’t Get It. And Neither Do The Conservatives on the Supreme Court.

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Feeling discriminated against doesn’t make it so. Being discriminated against is real. White men just don’t get that giving those who have been disadvantaged an advantage to make up the difference is NOT discrimination. It is just an attempt to level the playing field.

It is ironic that leveling the playing field whether schooling, admissions or job promotions feels like discrimination to white men who have always had an advantage. That means that being on an equal status regarding opportunity feels like discrimination to white men because the white male advantage is gone.

Will white men ever see that their advantage over minorities is unfair, unjust and illegal? I doubt it. Leveling the playing field is to their disadvantage (NOT reverse discrimination) and white men are not used to being on level playing fields. And now they may never have to be.

Paradoxically, these same men would claim golf handicaps to make up for personal golf deficiencies or would claim it unfair in a golf game against Tiger Woods played on even terms. Would Tiger call a golf handicap reverse discrimination? I doubt it. He is too much of a man to do so.

Is There a Difference between Govt vs. For-Profit Bureaucrat in Health Care?

Friday, June 26th, 2009

It is laughable (and pitiful) how some in Congress are against a Government Health Insurance Plan because they don’t want put a government bureaucrat between the patient and the doctor. What makes the current for-profit insurance administrator, i.e., for-profit bureaucrat, between the patient and the doctor any better than a government bureaucrat?

Once again personal (mis)understandings are leading to automatic political reactions before all the facts and plans for health care reform are fully vetted. It is time that our Congressional Representatives and Senators start thinking and individualizing responses to the question on hand rather than just give a political stance knee jerk jerk reaction.

Clueless Republicans Criticize Democratic President for Not Giving a Republican Response

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Do the Republicans have a clue? A hold on reality? Do they not realize that a Democratic President reacts and responds differently than a Republican President? What bizarre world are they living in?

This week Republican Senators criticized Democratic President Obama for not being as bellicose as a Republican President would be in response to the Iranian people’s election outcome demonstrations.

Duh!!! How did they ever get elected?

It’s About Tribes! Balance of Power Necessary For Minority Tribes

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

All conflicts are tribal. Even those conflicts within Tribes are about factions (‘sub-tribes’) within tribes. How sub-tribes and minority Tribes are allow to participate in governing determines the way they are respected and how they survive.

Take Iraq for example. The major tribes are Shiite, Sunni and Kurd with many other minor tribes (e.g., Christian Iraqis). Since the majority of the country is Shiite and if they can come to vote as a block, the Shiite’s will control the country and the Sunni and Kurd Tribes are powerless. Even if the Sunni and Kurd Tribes could form a political alliance, they would still be in the minority. Is there any hope for Iraq as country then? The answer depends on their governing structure.

If a super majority such as 60, 66 or even 75% is need for major constitutional and oil revenue redistribution then the minority tribes could garner enough influence to demand respect and prevent a simple majority overwhelming them. As an alternative a majority of each tribe’s representative would have to support the measure. In these situations, the minority Tribes/Parties cannot be ignored.

Ironically, in the USA W. Bush and his VP Dick saw a 51% slim majority as a “mandate” to lead all the people the way this slim majority desired. They railroaded the other 49% and caused them enough pain to throw the Republican Tribes out of office and also take their ruling majorities away. The Bush Republican Coalition was made up of the Conservatives, Capitalists and Christian Tribes. This coalition fell apart due to the Conservative’s hegemony and Capitalists’ financial mismanagements.

Does this mean the Democrats can govern at will? No because the “60% filibuster rule” in the Senate allows a minority to maintain power by preventing the majority to act. Thus there is a mechanism for minorities parties (‘tribes’) to be respected. Paradoxically, this minority power that the Republicans hold on to so dearly, is the same power they threatened to take away from the Democrats when they lead the Senate. Their “nuclear option” to get rid of the 60% filibuster would not be serving them well at this time. Republicans need to know that what goes around comes around.

Even the Democrats have sub-tribes. The Minorities (e.g., Hispanic, African-American), Liberal and Moderate Tribes. The Liberal Tribe’s Health Care Reform is garnering some resistance from the Moderate Tribe and will have to be changed to get passed. Compromise and accommodation (‘two dirty words’ to Conservatives) will be required to have a measure passed.

Israel is a reverse example. Israel’s major Tribes are so evenly split that very, very small Minority Tribes (e.g., Ultra Orthodox Jewish Tribe) have garnered unprecedented control to make a majority. If a super-majority was required to bring down a government, then the power of very small Minority Tribes can be prevented from becoming controlling.

Successful governing is about including all tribes and balancing power. It is not about a majority takes all because this leaves out a significant number of citizens. It about inclusiveness, compromise and respect of all citizens.

We will never have our ideal Father, Mother, Children but….

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

It is a perfect world. Our parents and children are unique and imperfect. They will never be the “ideal” figment of our imagination person we want them to be. But, they are the persons we do have and we need to deal with them.

Our hopes, wishes, aspirations, wants, etc., etc., etc. and so forth are intermingled with our father, mother or child. This is who we are. Yet, it is NOT who they are and that is the issue.

We must internalized our ideal (archetypical) relation and then deal in the real world with the person who is our parent or child. Accepting them for who they are is the basis of charity love … love that does not have expectations in return and is selfless and quiet.

Nothing hurts more than “I-would-love-you-more-if-you-would…” change message. The message heard is “you don’t love me now and there is no guarantee you will love me even if I change.” Since the other person can never be ideal in our mind, the latter heard message is the correct one and change is inhibited rather than encouraged.

Unconditional acceptance without putting our personal burdens on others is how we show our charity love for others, especially to fathers, mothers and children. And this should be done daily….not just on special days each year. Living charity love is living in the world in good faith to One’s Self and Others.

So, maybe we should be the ideal parent or child we want to our parents and children. We can than have our ideal by living it and thus being a example of who we are. Such a gift of the love is priceless.

Will Republican Conservatives Ever Lead Again?

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Through duplicity and chicanery, the Republican Conservatives, in George W Bush, had political control of all Americans. Their “it’s our way or the highway” attitude made a lot of enemies across our country and in the world. As a result, the Republican coalition of Conservatives, Capitalists and Christian Fundamentalist has fallen apart, probably never to be reformed. So, can Conservatives ever play a major role in politics again?

Christian Fundamentalists are seeing the light and getting out of politics. They have figured out that Christian values cannot be enforced and forced on the unwilling through political action. They need to work to take care their brethren that has come to worship prosperity more than charity love. Capitalists are on the ropes. They have mismanaged themselves out of being considered serious leaders. It will be a while before capitalists will have enough credibility to lead again. That leaves the Conservatives.

The Republican Conservatives need to form coalitions with conservative, largely Democratic Minorities like the Cuban and African American Christian Communities. This is not going to happen unless the Republicans Conservatives learn tolerance and accepts other for who they are like the Democrats do. It doesn’t seem likely that the Republican Conservatives are able to do this, but until they do, they will mainly be a fringe group. After their last leadership debacle, this may be for the best.

Dare the Dark: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Fear is a major factor in life today even though we are the safest society that has ever lived. Fear of the unknown is the major cause of this fear and for the most part this fear leads to irrational behaviors. “What if…” paralyzes action and causes more missed opportunities than other current fear. And there is nothing to fear.

“Dare the dark” is a Matthew Fox mantra from his book Creation Spirituality that challenges the person to overcome his or her fear take action. This liberating mantra helps one rid themselves of the paralyzing fear because daring the dark becomes an adventure with rare if any dire consequences. Thus, the thrill of the strange (i.e., new and intimate) makes the experience worthwhile.