Will Republican Conservatives Ever Lead Again?

Through duplicity and chicanery, the Republican Conservatives, in George W Bush, had political control of all Americans. Their “it’s our way or the highway” attitude made a lot of enemies across our country and in the world. As a result, the Republican coalition of Conservatives, Capitalists and Christian Fundamentalist has fallen apart, probably never to be reformed. So, can Conservatives ever play a major role in politics again?

Christian Fundamentalists are seeing the light and getting out of politics. They have figured out that Christian values cannot be enforced and forced on the unwilling through political action. They need to work to take care their brethren that has come to worship prosperity more than charity love. Capitalists are on the ropes. They have mismanaged themselves out of being considered serious leaders. It will be a while before capitalists will have enough credibility to lead again. That leaves the Conservatives.

The Republican Conservatives need to form coalitions with conservative, largely Democratic Minorities like the Cuban and African American Christian Communities. This is not going to happen unless the Republicans Conservatives learn tolerance and accepts other for who they are like the Democrats do. It doesn’t seem likely that the Republican Conservatives are able to do this, but until they do, they will mainly be a fringe group. After their last leadership debacle, this may be for the best.

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