White Men Claiming Reverse Discrimination Just Don’t Get It. And Neither Do The Conservatives on the Supreme Court.

Feeling discriminated against doesn’t make it so. Being discriminated against is real. White men just don’t get that giving those who have been disadvantaged an advantage to make up the difference is NOT discrimination. It is just an attempt to level the playing field.

It is ironic that leveling the playing field whether schooling, admissions or job promotions feels like discrimination to white men who have always had an advantage. That means that being on an equal status regarding opportunity feels like discrimination to white men because the white male advantage is gone.

Will white men ever see that their advantage over minorities is unfair, unjust and illegal? I doubt it. Leveling the playing field is to their disadvantage (NOT reverse discrimination) and white men are not used to being on level playing fields. And now they may never have to be.

Paradoxically, these same men would claim golf handicaps to make up for personal golf deficiencies or would claim it unfair in a golf game against Tiger Woods played on even terms. Would Tiger call a golf handicap reverse discrimination? I doubt it. He is too much of a man to do so.

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