Death Racketeers Do Not Want Advance Directives to Diminish Their Booty

Grandma and everyone else is going to die. That is a fact. What death racketeers don’t want is to give up the many hundreds of billions of dollars looted in Grandma’s and everyone else’s death-prolonging care. Their imminent deaths are unavoidable and undeniable. Instead, these death racketeers focus on how much revenue they can generate before death can no longer be prolonged.

Given a choice, i.e., an advance directive opportunity, Grandma and most others would choose a peaceful death rather than to be tortured by futile medical care. Yet, many in the medical-hospital-industrial complex thrive on death-prolonging medical care. They are fighting to keep their booty.

For most of us, it is NOT about the money since we know many more billions are spent on actual life-saving and life-prolonging care. No one quibbles or would ever want to deny this medical care. It is unrewarding to the patient and family but very monertarily rewarding to the medical care providers that is the issue.

Death racketeers are using scare tactics like “death panels” to garner support against the Advance Directives provision. They are not unethical but instead a-ethical, i.e., they have no ethics. They worship the almighty billions of dollars and care little about the pain and suffering without gain that their death-prolonging care delivers.

Shame on all the un-enlightened ones who have been duped into supporting death racketeers. Shame on death racketeers for worshiping the dollar more than their fellow human beings.

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