CIA Torture Investigations: It is a Criminal — not Witch — Hunt

It is ironic that such a Law and Order Tribal members like Dick Cheney and his cronies would be upset at a criminal investigation. The crux is that some in the Law and Order Tribe have perpetuate a series of crimes akin to those of Hitler’s Regime. These Law and Order members are in for a taste of Law and Order justice. Cheney is afraid that he will be implicated as the the originated of these crimes.

The Nierenberg Trials of Nazi atrocities found that those in power and those who obey them are not immune from prosecution for their actions even when government sanctioned. In Democracies, leaders serve their people and not vice versa. These people have the right to change their leadership and demand that the previous leadership be investigated and prosecuted for crimes. Democracy and Justice are at work here.

Prominent Law and Order members like Oliver North have found that being for Law and Order does NOT make them immune from the Law and Order! Cheney is not immune for his actions and he must be held accountable if criminal. Dick suck it up and take it like a man rather than whiney baby. You were an elected leader subject to the law and not above the law as you thought you were.

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