Vaccines: Not Fearing the Known and Fearing the Unknown

Currently, many fearful and un- or misinformed parents put their children’s health and lives at risk by not vaccinating them as recommended. For unscientific reasons and unsupported blind beliefs, they act contrary to what they believe they are doing, i.e., protecting their children.

Over hundreds of years, vaccines have saved countless millions of lives and has eliminated diseases such as small pox and polio. Many childhood disease like measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough and the like killed and maimed many children before vaccines. Our modern vaccines have eliminated these scourges from our daily existence.

Vaccines are not perfect. Nothing is. But they are a lot, lot better than the diseases they prevent. And, there is no scientific evidence that they cause autism. There is bountiful data to show the the death and mayhem the vaccines prevent.

Stop the unenlightened fear of the unknown and start fearing the known. Your children’s health and possibly lives depends on this.

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