What Do Republicans and Liberals Think They Are “Right” When They Are NOT?

Republicans are poor losers and even poorer participants in the modern American Democracy. They need to join the current America that is multi-clutural, pluralistic and tolerant of all its citizens. The old “White Male” American they reticently cling too is gone forever and they need to accept the fact that it will never be again.

When Republicans were in charge (and messed everything up!) they believed they were “right” about everything and the hell with everyone else’s determination of what was right! Now that they have be thrown out of office (mostly because of what they believe what was right was not), they have stilled failed to figure out their “right” is not everyone’s right and they cannot demand that their right be done. They still don’t realize that they are NOT in charge and that they have be elected (thrown!) out of office. Get a reality check!

Enlightenment means figuring out that your determination of what is right is no better or more correct than anyone else’s determination of what is right. Republicans are just one or a group who believe’s their right is better but this belief is unfounded, has no basis in fact and in a Democracy your right cannot and should not be imposed on others unwillingly.

Liberals are showing the same inflexibility as Republicans. Liberals must learn from the Republicans that what is right for American is a consensus of the people’s right….not just the Liberal’s determination of what is right.

Compromise is key to getting what is right for all Americans. Both the Conservatives and the Liberals need to look to the center to get a sense of America and do what is best for all rather than what they believe is best for their group.

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