Winning at Every Draw in the Lottery. Saying No to Regressive Taxation

I used to think that one could not win at lottery unless one bought a ticket. But that is not true and here is why.

Since lottery winnings are usually dedicated to public funding obligations, lotteries are regressive taxes since they tax the poor and the rich at the same rate. In reality, since the dire straits of the poor lead them to buy disproportionately more lottery tickets, these regressive taxes are especially egregious.

Politicians and the rich are in collusion to pay less progressives taxes by instituting regressive taxes through lotteries. Thereby, the rich dodge their progressive tax obligations. This underhanded regressive taxes plays on human despair to make sales, i.e., tax.

How do I win at every lottery draw? I take out the money I would have spent buying lottery tickets and consider it my winnings by NOT buying the tickets. Yes, you can win without a lottery ticket. And, you can win every draw!

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