Lies, Liars and Framers: How Republicans Recurrently Win Through Deception

For historical reasons, the Republicans have anachronistic values that generally lead to minority positions on most current issues. Paradoxically, the Republicans must still convince enough other Americans to support their minority positions to gain a majority and have them enacted as public law or policy. Framing is the Republican’s most commonly used tool for deceiving the general public into supporting their otherwise minority positions. Understanding framing and successfully developing counter-framing terminology is key to overcoming this currently successful and frequent way of lying to the American public.
To frame an issue is to shape or adapt an issue to a particular purpose. For Republicans the purpose of framing is to garner enough support and votes to advance and hopefully enact their otherwise unpopular minority values. Shaping or adapting issues for deceiving and getting their solutions implemented has proven very successful for Republicans.
An recent example of using framing to deceive is the Republican labeling of Obama’s mandate for insurance coverage of contraception as a “violation of Freedom of Religion.” Republican basic values are well known to be against contraception and that is why it is not currently covered by insurance companies. Rather than allowing Obama’s mandate to stand, they framed it as a violation of Freedom of Religion issue in an attempt to garner a majority to oppose it. They did this in spite of the fact that several Republican Governors had signed similar contraceptive coverage mandates in their States.
Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) went as far as proposing a vaguely worded morals amendment based on Freedom of Religion to an unrelated bill. This amendment would have allowed employers who are predominately Republican not cover anything they believed to be morally objectionable. This would not included only contraception which was not noted in the amendment but any other Republican minority health care value. The Republicans tried to use deception on one issue, i.e., contraception, to advance their minority values on many of their  issues. 
The Republican framing of this Spring’s perennial rise of gasoline prices as a failure of Obama Administration policies is an attempt to frame (pun intended) Obama for something even Republican Presidents can’t control. The same goes for blaming Obama for decreasing but still high unemployment that resulted from the Bush’s Regime economic catastrophes. 
The Republicans have successfully framed the 1% of top income earners in the US as “job creators” even though they have not shown that they are.  A savvy opposition could also frame them as “money hoarders,” “tax freeloaders,” “fair tax evaders” or even, “unAmerican tax dodgers.” For reasons of good media control, i.e., FOX, Republican framing quickly rises to top of news reporting and rapidly becomes the frame of choice leading to mass deceptions necessary to advance their issues.
Historically, the Republicans framed the inheritance tax as a “Death Tax” early in G. W. Bush’s Regime and successfully won. This led to a law gradual decreasing inheritance tax rates to zero in 2010. This meant George Steinbrenner’s inheritors received the billion dollar plus New York Yankee’s in 2010 without having to pay a cent of tax. 
In contrast, the inheritance tax could been counter-framed as a “left behind tax,” “you didn’t take it with you tax”, “time to pay back America tax” or even an “excessive inheritance tax” since it actually applied to very large inheritances only. Small inheritances were exempt from the previous inheritance law.
A series of deceptions through framing have advanced the Republican opposition to abortion. What started as a plain “anti-abortion” stance rapidly became a “Pro-Life” stance. Paradoxically, Pro-Lifers are major supporters of capital punishment! Next, Pro-lifers framed the fetus as a “baby.” When this was not successful they framed the fetus as a “child.” Biologically, pregnant woman have a fetus until it become viable after 22 weeks and pregnancy and then it is a neonate or baby. Being “with child” is a euphemism for being pregnant and not meant to rename a fetus.
Ironically, a Pro-Lifer caller to a recent NPR radio show attacked an opponent of Virginia’s law mandating pre-abortion vaginal ultrasounds as “rape.” She could not understand how she could call, i.e., frame, the ultrasound as “rape” when it was necessary to try “to save the life of a “child.” Obviously, framers for deception cannot tolerate opponents using framing to advance their cause(s). 
More recently, the deceitful and probably illegal framing of the Iraq War to successfully started it has been well documented. Many would have never supported the war if it had not been deceitfully framed as a “preemptive strike against weapons of mass destruction including nuclear and biological weapons.” Not only were there no such weapons, this framing was shown to be based on non-existing or purposely misinterpreted data.
Framing for deception has become a Republican norm since only a minority support any of their minority values. Framing has successfully deceived many majorities of the public into supporting Republican stances they would never otherwise support. Thus, framing is lying.
It is time to call Republican framing what it really is, i.e., lying and call Republican framers what they really are, i.e., liars. Only when framing is specifically pointed out as deceitful will the lying and liars be revealed and the public can truly make informed decisions. Counter-framing is probably a quick way to expose the Republican lying and liars.

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