Framing Abuse: “Income Hoarders” are NOT “Job Creators”

Framing an issue is key to communicating and MIS-communicating. Republicans are particularly adept in framing negative issues to SEEM positive. Unfortunately, they get away with it and the negative consequences of these issues persist.

A good example is the framing of the top 1% of income earners as “job creators” as if they are actually doing something good for the economy. Instead, these “job creators” are “income hoarders” and actually hurting the recovery of the economy.

Nearly 80% of the US economy is based on consumer spending. Part of the problem with the current economic crises is that people as consumers are deeply in debt and are not willing to spend themselves into more debt. In conjunction, people as workers are losing ground because their incomes are not only not keeping pace with their productivity but actually losing ground. (The top 1% are misdirecting the income from the increased productivity to themselves.) Thus, the economy is not recovering because consumers are not spending and they are not spending because as workers they are not being paid their due.

In reality, the top 1% of income earners are harming the economy by hoarding income that would be readily spent by the other 99%. If Board of Directors restore parity to the top 1% compensations packages and gave the excessive income to the thousands of first and second line workers, this money would be spent and the economic would recover.

For example, give a CEO $1 million and he (yes!–still predominately a man) is unlikely to spend more than a small percentage. Give the same $1 million as $20k to 50 first and second line workers and they will spend all of it! Multiple this compensation parity by hundreds of thousands of times and the economy will become robust again.

Ironically, even when jobs are created by the top 1%, they create low paying jobs in order to increase their income hoarding. So even then, income hoarders are not helping the economy.

Board of Directors MUST be held culpable for the maldistribution of income to the top 1% that perpetuate the faltering of their companies and the US economy. They probably need a wake up call from the US Justice Department.

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