Framing Abuse: It’s a “Left Behind Tax” – not a “Death Tax”

Framing an issue is key to communicating and MIS-communicating. Republicans are particularly adept in framing negative issues to SEEM positive. Unfortunately, they get away with it and the negative consequences of these issues persist. A long term example is calling the inheritance tax as a “Death Tax.” This is wrong!

If there is a “Death Tax” it is imposed by God after death. I suspect most people would be willing to support a law that exempts any wealth that a person takes WITH them! Realistically, there is no way to collect it anyway.

On the other hand, any wealth left behind is inherited by individuals and they are subject to an inheritance tax, i.e., a “Left Behind Windfall Tax.” I purposely used the terms “wealth” and “windfall” because current law exempts inheritances not consider to be “wealth” by many from any inheritance taxes. Thus, “Left Behind Taxes” are imposed only on those who inherit windfalls.

That wealth reaped from a relative dying should be taxed as income through inheritance taxes. There is no reason it should be taxed like all other incomes are taxed.

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