All Hispanics are NOT Equal in Immigration making Senator M Rubio wrong again.

Senator Mark Rubio (R-FL) states that the Democrats are trying to promote infighting among Hispanics. He believes that this is wrong because Hispanics are all in the same circumstances.. He is wrong.

First, Puerto Ricans Hispanics are American Citizens since Puerto Rico is an American possession. As US citizens they do not have immigration issues.

Second, escaping Cuban Hispanics were automatically favored for immigration. The vast number of escaping Cubans have had little to no immigration problems. Ironically, Senator Rubio’s parent immigrated into the US before the Castro Regime. Thus, they weren’t escaping Cubans.

That leaves the rest of Hispanics from Mexico and Central and South American Hispanics. They are illegal UNLESS they are rich. Wealthy Hispanics from these regions have a method for immigrating legally. It is called money.

Thus, all Hispanics are NOT equal. Senator Rubio’s family came before the vast Cuban and Hispanic migrations to USA and he has very little understanding of their immigration issues. This is because he has bought into the While Male System (A Women’s Dilemma by A. S. Wilson) and is as ‘white’ in values as is Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney and Clarence Thomas. Skin color nor Hispanic name does not keep them from being ‘white males.’

Thus, to believe all Hispanics alike to to try to make all Hispanics fit the Republican mold. They don’t. In spite of a similar languages (and markedly different dialects), they are as different as white Northerners, Southerners and Westerners. All speak English but certainly not homogenous.

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