TAXES: How Unemployment and City Cash Flow Problems Can Be Solved

If all the public employees (teachers, fire fighters, police, etc.) laid off due to the 2008 financial crises were rehired, the national unemployment problem would be solved!! The private sector is not causing the unemployment crises, but instead it is the unemployment of public workers that is in crises.

Simultaneously, for years many cities have been going through revenue and cash flow problems causing many reductions in public workers and services. Some are even cutting more public services, public employees pay and their pensions and some are filing for bankruptcy. There just isn’t enough cash!

Increased taxes can increase government revenues that would allowed for rehiring public workers and restoring needed public services.

TAX the tax phobic 1% who has pocket the trillions of dollars in tax cuts in the last decade. Taxphobia should NOT prevent tax increases when it is the logical thing to do. Taxophobics need get over their phobia or get out of public service that pays them tax money.

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