America will Die if the Middle Class Dies

The development of the Middle Class in the 20th Century is what has made what America it is. Without the Middle Class which generates and consumes the majority of the economy, it doesn’t matter how many low paying the 1% Republican Revenue Hoarders aka Job Creators create. The Middle Class won’t have the money to spend!!

The redistribution of wealth from the Middle Class to the Revenue Hoarders has depressed the economy and the trend has continued. Mitt Romney’s tax reform proposals will increase Middle Class taxes given them less to spend while decreasing the taxes for the Revenue Hoarders….further redistributing wealth to the wealthy.

If a billionaire gets taxed $900 million he will still have 100 million. Countless of millions of Americans would volunteer to have this problem. Current American billionaires pay less than a third of this amount and they still want more.

It is time to restore the wealth to the Middle Class that that was taken from them by the Revenue Hoarders.

For Facts (instead of Republican Lies) go to: The Diminishing Middle Class and Middle Class vs. the 1%: ItÂ’s About to Get Really Ugly

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