The American Taliban aka “Tea Party” are the Real RINOs

The American Taliban also known as the “Tea Party” has commandeered the Republican Party by calling real Republicans “RINOs: Republican In Name Only.” Using extreme tactics, they have manipulated real Republicans out of office. In reality the Tea Party/American Taliban are the real RINOs.

Republicans are much more diverse than just the ultra-conservative, ‘white male system’ American Taliban. The Republican Parties has included business, conservative and fundamental Christian elements. Republicans have been willing to work across the aisle to do what is best for Americans.

The American Taliban are against anything they don’t believe in and are unwilling to compromise on anything that is not in the best interests for the American Taliban. They do NOT care about other Americans but instead only themselves.

It’s time for real Republicans to take back their Party from the American Taliban and re-instate their diversity and their working across the aisle to work for what is in the best interests of all Americans.

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