Tea Party Conservatives are NOT Social Welfare Organizations and Deserve IRS Scrunity

The uproar over the IRS scrutinizing of 501(c)4 social welfare applications by Tea Party members and Conservatives is self interested and righteous. There is NO reason to believe that the Tea Party and Conservatives are involved in social welfare. Instead they are only interested in promoting their values through political activities. These political activities disqualifies organizations from 501(c)4 status. Thus the IRS scrutiny is call for AND appropriate.

501(c)4 organizations are NOT tax exempt organization like 501(c)3 charity type organizations. The only advantage of being a 501(c)4 organizations is that these organizers don’t have to disclose their donors. Why would a so-called “social welfare” organization want to hide its supporters.

It is disingenuous to believe any Tea Party and Conservative organizations are not political actions committees and they are seeking 501(3)4 status to hide the political supports. This disqualifies them from 501(c)4 status and the IRS was doing their job to scrutinize them.

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