The Media’s Self-Interested Indignity for Collusing with Criminals

The News Media is up in arms because the Justice Department obtained their telephone records while investigating a crime involving national security. These criminals put American lives at risk and need to be brought to justice. Because the Media, ‘broke’ the story that involved a crime they are crying “Foul” and violation of First Amendment rights. Now the last time I looked only clergy and attorneys had client-professional privileges that protected client confidentiality. News reporters do not have the same privileges when it comes to criminal activity.

Also, these activities were criminal in nature and not “whistle blower” activity. It is up the the Justice system and not the media to decide what, if any, punishment is warranted.

Self righteousness is not pretty when coming from anyone but esp. ugly when it comes from the media since they control the media. They should recuse themselves from this reporting since it is too close to home. They should let ACLU and other civil rights organizations do their analysis.

That is media is self-interested can easily be seen when one of their own passes and they take it upon themselves to involve the world in media insider interests.

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