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American Tealiban and Conservative Brotherhood Hegemony

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

The American Tealiban, aka, Tea Party, and the American Conservative Brotherhood, aka, Conservative Republicans, want their values to be above everyone else’s. They do not respect much less support any values that are not their own.

Ironically, the Tealiban irks the Conservative Brotherhood by imposing their fascist values. Yet the Conservative Brotherhood does not comprehend that they are trying to do the same to the rest of the country.

The Egyptian Islamic Brotherhood was democratically elected but not surprisingly took their majority win as a mandate to impose their values on everyone… including those who did not vote for them. This lead to downfall for their decidedly un-Democratic regime.

Paradoxically, the anti-“Big Government” American Conservative Brotherhood want this same Big Government to prohibit abortions and deny same sex marriage among other things. Apparently, it is not the government that is the problem but instead the values the government is supporting. When it is not the Conservative Brotherhood values, then government is bad. When it is their values, then government is good. Very self-serving.

Ironically, the Government imposes no values on the Tealiban or Conservative Brotherhood. Instead, other values are supported in addition to theirs. Since they oppose other than their own values they want to denies others their values.

It is time the Tealiban and Conservative Brotherhood give up on getting hegemony and start to “ and let live” with the majority of Americans.