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Vaccines: Not Fearing the Known and Fearing the Unknown

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Currently, many fearful and un- or misinformed parents put their children’s health and lives at risk by not vaccinating them as recommended. For unscientific reasons and unsupported blind beliefs, they act contrary to what they believe they are doing, i.e., protecting their children.

Over hundreds of years, vaccines have saved countless millions of lives and has eliminated diseases such as small pox and polio. Many childhood disease like measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough and the like killed and maimed many children before vaccines. Our modern vaccines have eliminated these scourges from our daily existence.

Vaccines are not perfect. Nothing is. But they are a lot, lot better than the diseases they prevent. And, there is no scientific evidence that they cause autism. There is bountiful data to show the the death and mayhem the vaccines prevent.

Stop the unenlightened fear of the unknown and start fearing the known. Your children’s health and possibly lives depends on this.

Death Racketeers Do Not Want Advance Directives to Diminish Their Booty

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Grandma and everyone else is going to die. That is a fact. What death racketeers don’t want is to give up the many hundreds of billions of dollars looted in Grandma’s and everyone else’s death-prolonging care. Their imminent deaths are unavoidable and undeniable. Instead, these death racketeers focus on how much revenue they can generate before death can no longer be prolonged.

Given a choice, i.e., an advance directive opportunity, Grandma and most others would choose a peaceful death rather than to be tortured by futile medical care. Yet, many in the medical-hospital-industrial complex thrive on death-prolonging medical care. They are fighting to keep their booty.

For most of us, it is NOT about the money since we know many more billions are spent on actual life-saving and life-prolonging care. No one quibbles or would ever want to deny this medical care. It is unrewarding to the patient and family but very monertarily rewarding to the medical care providers that is the issue.

Death racketeers are using scare tactics like “death panels” to garner support against the Advance Directives provision. They are not unethical but instead a-ethical, i.e., they have no ethics. They worship the almighty billions of dollars and care little about the pain and suffering without gain that their death-prolonging care delivers.

Shame on all the un-enlightened ones who have been duped into supporting death racketeers. Shame on death racketeers for worshiping the dollar more than their fellow human beings.

We will never have our ideal Father, Mother, Children but….

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

It is a perfect world. Our parents and children are unique and imperfect. They will never be the “ideal” figment of our imagination person we want them to be. But, they are the persons we do have and we need to deal with them.

Our hopes, wishes, aspirations, wants, etc., etc., etc. and so forth are intermingled with our father, mother or child. This is who we are. Yet, it is NOT who they are and that is the issue.

We must internalized our ideal (archetypical) relation and then deal in the real world with the person who is our parent or child. Accepting them for who they are is the basis of charity love … love that does not have expectations in return and is selfless and quiet.

Nothing hurts more than “I-would-love-you-more-if-you-would…” change message. The message heard is “you don’t love me now and there is no guarantee you will love me even if I change.” Since the other person can never be ideal in our mind, the latter heard message is the correct one and change is inhibited rather than encouraged.

Unconditional acceptance without putting our personal burdens on others is how we show our charity love for others, especially to fathers, mothers and children. And this should be done daily….not just on special days each year. Living charity love is living in the world in good faith to One’s Self and Others.

So, maybe we should be the ideal parent or child we want to our parents and children. We can than have our ideal by living it and thus being a example of who we are. Such a gift of the love is priceless.

Dare the Dark: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Fear is a major factor in life today even though we are the safest society that has ever lived. Fear of the unknown is the major cause of this fear and for the most part this fear leads to irrational behaviors. “What if…” paralyzes action and causes more missed opportunities than other current fear. And there is nothing to fear.

“Dare the dark” is a Matthew Fox mantra from his book Creation Spirituality that challenges the person to overcome his or her fear take action. This liberating mantra helps one rid themselves of the paralyzing fear because daring the dark becomes an adventure with rare if any dire consequences. Thus, the thrill of the strange (i.e., new and intimate) makes the experience worthwhile.

Saving Social Security: Pension vs. Welfare

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Social Security is going to run out of money soon. The best way to save them is use them for what they were intended, that is a pension not a welfare fun. The following is my reasoning.

Social Security was developed as a Pension fund. Unfortunately, it pays out a lot more than is funded by the participant. This makes Social Security a Welfare Fund. Most do not have a problem paying Social Security Welfare for those who fail a means test. This does not happen so that many with good incomes receive Social Security Welfare even though they do not need welfare.

Social Security Pension money should repay according to the person’s investment in the fund. Once this runs out, a means test (e.g., income less than 200% poverty level) should be used to exclude those who do not need social welfare.

I imagine many would be eliminated from the SS roles with a means test after their Pension runs out. Many like me would probably even donate our SS Pension as long as it was matched by Congress to avoid having Congress continue to pillage the SS Pension.

Competent Leadership is Unexciting. And Unexciting is What We Need!

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

In spite of continuing US & Gobal financial crises and ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is remarkable how calm and collective people are nowadays. Ironically, unlike G. W. Bush’s Regime’s, Obama’s leadership is so reassuring and unassuming that there is time to relax and take a deep breathe. Obama’s competence is so unexciting that it is allowing Americans a longed needed respite from the 8 years of turmoil fueled by Bush’s incompetence.

When people do their jobs with excellence it should appear as if nothing special is going on. I recall the day when I first saw Michael Jordan play in Chicago. At half time, I told my companion that Michael must be having an off game because he looked quite ordinary. My companion pointed to the scoreboard and noted that Michael had 25 points the first half. I was amazed at how Michael made a 25 point half look so routine and unexciting. That is true mastery and competence.

So, with Obama’s leadership anxiety is melting and a cautious optimism is slowly but surely arising. The sinners of Bush’s era that lead to an un-needed war in Iraq and the financial debacle will pay for their sins. They will regret their duplicity and subsequent actions.

In the meantime, the World will regain confidence in a America that is honest, forthright, willing to work hard and is not duplicitous. God bless America!

Lives of quiet desperation and its systematic elimination.

Monday, December 8th, 2008

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. Walden, Thoreau 1854

Today it not only the mass of men but it is the masses of men, women and children who lead lives of quiet desperation. Change is in the air and this atmosphere should provide many an opportunity to release their desperation. But, work is required.

People are desperate because they are unhappy with their lot and want desperately to change it. The inability to change it causes angst. The masses want to change themselves, their significant other, jobs, friends, churches and/or many other aspects of their lives, but the don’t. They don’t because change causes more angst then they are currently feeling. A “Catch-22”.

Without change, life stops. We constantly change internally. It actually takes more effort to stop change than to let change happen. But fear and anxiety of change prevent it. “Daring the dark” (M. Fox, Creation Spirituality) is the one easy way to allow change. It doesn’t seem easy since the dark produces fear but it is fear of the unknown. Almost universally this unknown is much less than was feared. So, to quote Winston Churchill, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The election of B. Obama to be President is a lesson. Systematic, thoughtful planning by a Modern Tribe leader (see Link: Moral Values & You) can lead to widespread change. Our fragmented country had been to the the Republican’s advantage; so, they continued to divide and instill fear. It didn’t work in 2008.

So, now is the time to look outward and work together to fixed the our inclusive Modern Tribe moral values and get rid of the Primeval Tribe’s non-inclusive moral values. We must reorganize our priorities to be enhance everyone’s good and not the good of the few. We need to know that each one of us is equal, unique and allowed to be ourselves and that the rich are not more equal than anyone else. Once we collectively support all individuals in the world, the world will again give us the respect we have lost in the last eight years. Only then will our societal desperation end.

And it is now time to look inward and work within ourselves to rid ourselves of dreams we impose on others and get imposed on us. Our reality is just that–our reality. It is unique to us and only us. Those who preach that we are wrong, bad, less human or whatever because we don’t value or believe in their dream are imposing their dreams on us. They only have the power we given them. Not believing their dreams robs them of power. Our dream is right for us as long as it is ours. Once we accept our dream and who we ares, our desperation as individuals will dissolve.

Rejoice in the impending end of Primeval Tribe hegemony. May their exclusive values be gone forever. And, may the inclusive and nurturing values of Modern Tribes finally prevail in the 21th Century.

Do Anti-Psychotics Truly Harm Severely Demented Patients?

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

The ethical principle of double effect is well understood in Medicine. Basically, it states that unwanted and unintentional bad effects are acceptable when the intent is to do good. Patients who undergo procedures sometimes have unfortunate and unavoidable consequences that may include death. For every attempt to do good a possibility of doing harm exists. So, why is there alarm over the untoward effects of potent anti-psychotics on advanced demented/Alzheimer’s patients?

By the time demented patients required anti-psychotics, they have lost their sentience, i.e., awareness of self and others. So, the control of unruly behavior cannot include verbal appeals and medications are the only alternative. Not infrequently, the unruly behavior is so severe that only potent anti-psychotics manage to re-established some semblance of control.

Recently, some have reported alarming and fatal side-effects to the use of anti-psychotics in severely demented patient and have warned against their use. These alarms have probably lead to less inappropriate AND appropriate use of these agents of control.

In the past, the physical restraining of these patient was condemned and essentially regulated out of use. It now appears that medication restrains may be going the same way. This would leave medical care providers with no options but a padded room. Even then self-harm could not be prevented.

If a life-ending side effect in an unruly, non-sentient demented patient occurs where is the harm? Up to 3% of sentient patient going to coronary bypass surgery die before leaving the hospital and this untoward effect has NOT stopped these bypasses from being performed daily. The principle of double effects permits these procedures to go on.

In the same way, the appropriate use of potent medications, i.e., anti-psychotics, for unruly demented patients must also be permitted. If an unintentional life-ending side effect occurs, so be it. Their physical deaths are frequently not as painful as the psychological and social deaths that the dementia had caused.

Being Prepared: The Key to Successful Death

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Paradoxically, death is the only prerequisite for life. Therefore, in order to be alive death must occur. Otherwise it is not life but instead immortality. If this is true, then why is death so poorly managed in our American society?

Death is treated as unwanted and unexpected by most Americans. It is as if it isn’t suppose to occur because it is not discussed and the subject is avoided. Out-of-mind means that death will not occur. This childish and naive thinking is part of American’s immaturity. It is time we grow up and acknowledge ‘the elephant in the room.’

Baby boomers have seen their parents pain, suffering and poor quality of end-of-life and many have vowed not to let that happen to them. Yet, they remain legally, psychologically and socially unprepared. This preparation is key to experiencing a successful death.

Legal preparation for death includes Advance Directors which can be codified as Living Wills, Directives to Physicians, Durable Power of Attorney and outpatient withholding or withdrawing life support interventions. Regular Wills and estate planning are also necessary. Even many of those who have these legal preparations are still not prepared for death because they have ignored the psychological and social aspects of preparation.

Psychological preparation for death requires that one live in the moment instead of dreading the future. One must accept ones lot in life and do their best in each moment. No one can ask for anything else. This also means that all primary feelings (emotions) are legitimate and that meta-feelings (i.e., feeling about feeling such as shame, remorse, embarrassment) need to worked out. As noted, ‘rule with your hear and live with your conscience’ means being true to one primary feeling. Yet, while legit to feel one feeling, what one does about them is what makes us human and prepares us for death. While feelings are legit, all actions are not. We are responsible for our own happiness but not at the expense of others happiness.

Social preparation for death means recognizing the others who are also suffering in the death of a loved one. All attention is paid to the dying person to the exclusion of those who will remain after the death. Their suffering and needs go unaddressed. These needs include ‘the talk’. The talk is the intimate soul to soul communication of the love, pleasures and sorrows of their interrelationship and a formal letting go or good-bye. It includes accepting that the relationship will die with the death and that those remaining will have to grieve and continue on. What ‘needs to be said’ should be said in this conversation; so that there are no regrets or remorse about something left unsaid. Funerals are too late to express ones feelings to a dead person.

If I can say to myself, “If I die today, I would have no regrets”, then we are as prepared as possible for death. But if we cannot say that, then we should ask ourselves, “What will I regret?” and then do whatever necessary to remediate these issues. Tragically, some will remain unremediable. Being at peace means not having remorse or regrets about ones death.

A successful death, as much as that is possible, requires legal, psychological and social preparation. Since regardless of preparation, death will come it makes sense to prepare.

Being in the World in Good Faith–Sarte

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

One of the most difficult things in the world is to be true to ones own self. We are frequently denying ones self in order to please others or not to hurt them. This is healthy but at what point does it become unhealthy?

Most women and some men are Feelers in the Myers-Briggs Survey. The defend others because they don’t want them hurt. But, some Feelers defend others even when it hurts them! I believe being a Feeler is fine but it becomes unhealthy when it starts to hurt ones self. That is the point to draw the line.

So, what if what one needs to do to be in the world in good faith requires activities not approved or even hurtful to another. Well if that person doesn’t need to know about it then it is OK. We live our own lives and are responsible for our own happiness; yet, we should not hurt others if it is not with their consent or of no benefit to them.

For example, confessing to an affair just hurt the spouse or significant other while relieving ones self of the burden. This is selfish and not being in the world in good faith to ones self or the spouse. If you can’t stand to keep the secret, i.e., burden, then don’t do it. Instead work out the issues that are leading to whatever activity must be kept secret or change your circumstances. But, don’t tell just for your own benefit.

Don Miguel Ruiz in his book The Four Agreements points out that our live is our dream and not others dreams. We should not ruin others dreams. We should be impeccable with our words, don’t take anything personally, ask questions and do our best. Doing this means we have a good chance of being in the world in good faith!