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Wealthy, Very Wealthy and Obscene Hoarders: Time for a Change

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

In the last few years, it was determined that being wealthy required about $3 million dollars. Now $30 million would make someone very wealthy. Thus, more than $100 million would make someone obscenely wealthy and more likely Obscene Hoarders.

Since the Middle Class produces the vast majority of the gross domestic product, why is it that the vast majority of the generated profits go to those that aren’t in production such as managers or investors? It is because corporate governance is by these same managers and investors. Corporate Board of Directors define incestuous, self-profiting relationships.

Now the 1% that receives most of national revenues claims they “earned” it and that every American has the same opportunities. Nothing is further from the truth. Ironically, many inherited their wealth. No one has a choice of parents.

Ask how many of these 1% would be willing to give it all up and generate their wealth again? I doubt any would be willing to start again especially given the laws they have sponsored to divert revenues to the 1%. In truth, probably 1% of 1% Revenue Hoarders really generated their own obscene hoards. The other 99% had parental wealth or friends to given them a head start. If nothing else, they had the advantage of being white and have educated parents. That in itself is enough to given them occupational advantage in the mid- and late 20th century.

It is time to restore paying the vast majority of profits to those who generate them. Only this will restore the balance of income. In the meantime, the 1% should pay their fair share of current and back taxes from illegitimate tax cuts.

Call to Action: Lies, Liars, Un-American Republicans and the American Taliban

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Americans are being continuously lied to by the Republicans. They are systematically building lies upon lies to confuse the American voters into believing that they have the answers for the national agenda. They don’t. Ironically, their answers caused American’s problems to start with and they have steadfastly resisted any solutions so they can lessen President Obama’s re-elections prospects. Putting self interests over the interests of all American is Un-American.

Also, Tea Party Members are fascist who see no answers but their own which makes them equivalent to an American Taliban. They are politically militants who want to take power and execute their own minority agenda. Historically, we know this will lead to unprecedented civil strife. Unfortunately, they lack the courage, compassion and connection to see that their obligations to ALL AMERICANS and ALL HUMAN BEINGS supersedes their selfish agendas.

Finally, if Republicans can’t confuse voters to vote for them, then they plan to exclude them. The Voter ID laws in 35 states were put in place to deny traditionally Democratic voters their right to vote. Voter fraud is non-exsisent but instead is the LIE used to disenfranchised voters to steal state and the national election.

Call for Action: Call the Republicans liars to their face at every opportunity. They need to know that people know they are lying. Insist that all elected officials work for what is best for All Americans not just some Americans. Finally be prepared to vote for what is good for American… not for what is good for either the Republicans or Democrats.

God is unknowable therefore…

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Since God is more and less than anyone can imagine, then those who say they speak with or for God either:

1) Conceive a God much more or less than IS,
2) Are Delusional, and/or
3) Are lying to those who listen and probably to themselves.

Since God is unknowable, then the only example of God Christians have is Jesus the Man. Hence, following Jesus’ lessons and acting like he said is the closes to God any human can get. The Jefferson Bible should be the Bible for these Christian lessons.

So, God’s mysticism is too much/little for the human brain to know. Therefore, God’s ethics like those from Jesus is what humans should follow. Unchurched Christians know this. It is time that sects in all Religions acknowledge this and start coming together rather than continuing to splinter in the name of an unknowable God.

A Call for Action Since Tolerance of Republican Policies Equals Passivity to Injustice

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Over the last three decades, Independents and Democrats have been tolerant of Republican policies while the opposite has not been true. However, this tolerance has become passivity to injustices. Passivity to injustice lead to Hitler and other notorious despots to take power in their countries and create internal, regional and international havoc. Likewise, continued passivity to Republican injustices will lead to havoc to the American way of life.

Republican policies in the last three decades has lead to a significant decline of the American Middle Class and worsening of poverty in the USA. Concurrently, the Republican stalwarts, i.e., the top 1%, have greatly enriched themselves by using this same policies. Republicans frame their injustices in terms such as “Job creators”, “death taxes”, breaking unions and the like. These terms obscure their injustices thus preventing effective countering.

It is time for Independents and Democrats to give precedence to their core value of countering injustices over their value of tolerance. It is also time for them to act in unison to prevent the worsening of Republican lead injustices and to reverse them.

The American way of life is in danger of splintering into a new American aristocracy of 1%-ers leading the remaining 99% of serf-like workers. This will cause an American Dark Ages and economic stagnation. If it is not yet “Class Warfare” that the Republican decry, it soon will be.

$1000 Does NOT Create Jobs But It Does Improve the National Deficit

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Republicans are against an extra $1,000 a year tax on those who make over $250,000 per year. They believe it will prevent “Job Creators” from creating jobs. Yet, the Republicans have yet to explain how a Job Creator will create any jobs with an extra $1,000 per year. On the other hand, the extra $1,000 per year in taxes will very significantly decrease the national deficit. It seems like a no brainer but then no one ever claimed the Repbulicans had brains.

Instead of Job Creators, these 1%ers are “Revenue Hoarders.” Hoarding revenue and ludicrously excessive wealth while not paying for the infrastructure that help create their hoards has proven nationally unsustainable. Renouncing US citizenship to avoid paying taxes is treasonous. This also applies to corporations (that are ‘people’) who keep massive revenues off shore in order to avoid paying taxes. Taxes paid for the INFRASTRUCTURE that lead to the 1%ers’ and corporation’s income. Now they don’t want to pay for its upkeep and renewal. It is not only unpatriotic but also selfish!

TAXES is what paid for what the US is today. It is every citizen’s duty and moral obligation to pay their fair share of taxes–no matter the final amount paid. Taxphobia is no excuse for not fulfilling ones moral obligation as a US Citizen.

Republicans Lying Again: Obamacare NOT a Middle Class Tax

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

The Republicans are delusional or lying again by stating that Obamacare is “the largest middle class tax ever!

The fact is that the vast majority of the US middle class HAS health insurance! Thus, Obamacare adds ZERO to their taxes. So, when is a ZERO TAX INCREASE the biggest one ever???? When you would believe your biased dogma rather than the facts.

May God protect us from liars who believe their own lies.

Income Hoarders aka “Job Creators” are the New Robber Barons

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Years of increased worker productivity has not been match with increased worker incomes. Instead the benefits of these increases have gone to CEOs and investors making literally modern day Robber Barons. To many corporations, CEOs and investors of more important than their workers and even their products.
Corporations should take care of their own. Yet, at the first sign of a financial crises corporations cut their works and thus production. If corporations were persons it is like cutting their legs off to say energy. It will work temporarily but with dire consequences.
The marked increases in corporate profits with decreased taxes have NOT created more jobs nor increased worker pay but instead shifted income to the top 1% making them the new American aristocracy (“Upper Class”) and 21st Century Robber Barons.
Corporate Boards much take action to reverse these inequities. If they don’t then the government must intervene directly or indirectly.

Marriage is Unconstitutional and Illegal

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

If marriage is ordained by God or its clergy to be between only a man and a woman, then it is unconstitutional. This unconstitutionality is based on the doctrine of the separation of Church and State. No State should codify religious or “sacred” practices.

Marriage between only men and women is illegal because it is the systematic discrimination against gay and lesbian couples. Civil unions are illegal because they are based on the separate but equal doctrines previously deemed unconstitutional.

The solution is to copy many countries throughout the world. These States only licenses and allow Civil Unions no matter the genders of the couples seeking union and only Churches perform marriages. In these countries couples go through two ceremonies–one civil and one religious. In the USA, we could probably agree that a religious Marriage ceremony could fulfill the requirements for a Civil Union. Thus, according to the State all Civil Unions have the same rights. The bases of “sacred” unions is then left to religions. These practices maintain the separation of Church and State.

Finally, the “majority” does not have the right to impose their values on a “minority” by virtue majority vote. The courts have supported the rights of the individual in spite of the majority vote. This was and still is the whole basis of the civil rights movement.

Framing Abuse: It’s a “Left Behind Tax” – not a “Death Tax”

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Framing an issue is key to communicating and MIS-communicating. Republicans are particularly adept in framing negative issues to SEEM positive. Unfortunately, they get away with it and the negative consequences of these issues persist. A long term example is calling the inheritance tax as a “Death Tax.” This is wrong!

If there is a “Death Tax” it is imposed by God after death. I suspect most people would be willing to support a law that exempts any wealth that a person takes WITH them! Realistically, there is no way to collect it anyway.

On the other hand, any wealth left behind is inherited by individuals and they are subject to an inheritance tax, i.e., a “Left Behind Windfall Tax.” I purposely used the terms “wealth” and “windfall” because current law exempts inheritances not consider to be “wealth” by many from any inheritance taxes. Thus, “Left Behind Taxes” are imposed only on those who inherit windfalls.

That wealth reaped from a relative dying should be taxed as income through inheritance taxes. There is no reason it should be taxed like all other incomes are taxed.

Framing Abuse: “Income Hoarders” are NOT “Job Creators”

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Framing an issue is key to communicating and MIS-communicating. Republicans are particularly adept in framing negative issues to SEEM positive. Unfortunately, they get away with it and the negative consequences of these issues persist.

A good example is the framing of the top 1% of income earners as “job creators” as if they are actually doing something good for the economy. Instead, these “job creators” are “income hoarders” and actually hurting the recovery of the economy.

Nearly 80% of the US economy is based on consumer spending. Part of the problem with the current economic crises is that people as consumers are deeply in debt and are not willing to spend themselves into more debt. In conjunction, people as workers are losing ground because their incomes are not only not keeping pace with their productivity but actually losing ground. (The top 1% are misdirecting the income from the increased productivity to themselves.) Thus, the economy is not recovering because consumers are not spending and they are not spending because as workers they are not being paid their due.

In reality, the top 1% of income earners are harming the economy by hoarding income that would be readily spent by the other 99%. If Board of Directors restore parity to the top 1% compensations packages and gave the excessive income to the thousands of first and second line workers, this money would be spent and the economic would recover.

For example, give a CEO $1 million and he (yes!–still predominately a man) is unlikely to spend more than a small percentage. Give the same $1 million as $20k to 50 first and second line workers and they will spend all of it! Multiple this compensation parity by hundreds of thousands of times and the economy will become robust again.

Ironically, even when jobs are created by the top 1%, they create low paying jobs in order to increase their income hoarding. So even then, income hoarders are not helping the economy.

Board of Directors MUST be held culpable for the maldistribution of income to the top 1% that perpetuate the faltering of their companies and the US economy. They probably need a wake up call from the US Justice Department.