The American Taliban aka “Tea Party” are the Real RINOs

September 6th, 2012

The American Taliban also known as the “Tea Party” has commandeered the Republican Party by calling real Republicans “RINOs: Republican In Name Only.” Using extreme tactics, they have manipulated real Republicans out of office. In reality the Tea Party/American Taliban are the real RINOs.

Republicans are much more diverse than just the ultra-conservative, ‘white male system’ American Taliban. The Republican Parties has included business, conservative and fundamental Christian elements. Republicans have been willing to work across the aisle to do what is best for Americans.

The American Taliban are against anything they don’t believe in and are unwilling to compromise on anything that is not in the best interests for the American Taliban. They do NOT care about other Americans but instead only themselves.

It’s time for real Republicans to take back their Party from the American Taliban and re-instate their diversity and their working across the aisle to work for what is in the best interests of all Americans.

Wealthy, Very Wealthy and Obscene Hoarders: Time for a Change

September 4th, 2012

In the last few years, it was determined that being wealthy required about $3 million dollars. Now $30 million would make someone very wealthy. Thus, more than $100 million would make someone obscenely wealthy and more likely Obscene Hoarders.

Since the Middle Class produces the vast majority of the gross domestic product, why is it that the vast majority of the generated profits go to those that aren’t in production such as managers or investors? It is because corporate governance is by these same managers and investors. Corporate Board of Directors define incestuous, self-profiting relationships.

Now the 1% that receives most of national revenues claims they “earned” it and that every American has the same opportunities. Nothing is further from the truth. Ironically, many inherited their wealth. No one has a choice of parents.

Ask how many of these 1% would be willing to give it all up and generate their wealth again? I doubt any would be willing to start again especially given the laws they have sponsored to divert revenues to the 1%. In truth, probably 1% of 1% Revenue Hoarders really generated their own obscene hoards. The other 99% had parental wealth or friends to given them a head start. If nothing else, they had the advantage of being white and have educated parents. That in itself is enough to given them occupational advantage in the mid- and late 20th century.

It is time to restore paying the vast majority of profits to those who generate them. Only this will restore the balance of income. In the meantime, the 1% should pay their fair share of current and back taxes from illegitimate tax cuts.

America will Die if the Middle Class Dies

September 4th, 2012

The development of the Middle Class in the 20th Century is what has made what America it is. Without the Middle Class which generates and consumes the majority of the economy, it doesn’t matter how many low paying the 1% Republican Revenue Hoarders aka Job Creators create. The Middle Class won’t have the money to spend!!

The redistribution of wealth from the Middle Class to the Revenue Hoarders has depressed the economy and the trend has continued. Mitt Romney’s tax reform proposals will increase Middle Class taxes given them less to spend while decreasing the taxes for the Revenue Hoarders….further redistributing wealth to the wealthy.

If a billionaire gets taxed $900 million he will still have 100 million. Countless of millions of Americans would volunteer to have this problem. Current American billionaires pay less than a third of this amount and they still want more.

It is time to restore the wealth to the Middle Class that that was taken from them by the Revenue Hoarders.

For Facts (instead of Republican Lies) go to: The Diminishing Middle Class and Middle Class vs. the 1%: ItÂ’s About to Get Really Ugly

Are the Republican “Restore America” efforts reactionary and racist?

September 4th, 2012

Republicans who want to defeat President Obama and “Restore America” remember a different America than most of us and history records.

Do they really want to Restore America to a time of segregation when there were “White Only” bathrooms and water fountains?
Do they really want to Restore America to a time when women were second class workers and subjugated by men?
Do they really want to Restore America to a time when economically disadvantage whites and minorities had no hope of advancement or education?

Republican memories and facts are very loosely based on reality and it is scary that they want to Restore America. Most of us are MUCH BETTER OFF than the Republican memory of America.

Should an American President Be Allowed to Have Overseas Accounts?

September 4th, 2012

The top 1% of revenue hoarders (aka ‘Job Creators’) regularly hide income in overseas accounts to avoid paying taxes. They paid their Republican government cronies to write these laws. Avoiding their fair share of legal taxes is certainly unpatriotic.

Now imagine an American President with overseas accounts used to avoid paying taxes. This unpatriotic act should automatically exclude Mitt Romney from being President.

Get real Republicans.

Call to Action: Lies, Liars, Un-American Republicans and the American Taliban

September 2nd, 2012

Americans are being continuously lied to by the Republicans. They are systematically building lies upon lies to confuse the American voters into believing that they have the answers for the national agenda. They don’t. Ironically, their answers caused American’s problems to start with and they have steadfastly resisted any solutions so they can lessen President Obama’s re-elections prospects. Putting self interests over the interests of all American is Un-American.

Also, Tea Party Members are fascist who see no answers but their own which makes them equivalent to an American Taliban. They are politically militants who want to take power and execute their own minority agenda. Historically, we know this will lead to unprecedented civil strife. Unfortunately, they lack the courage, compassion and connection to see that their obligations to ALL AMERICANS and ALL HUMAN BEINGS supersedes their selfish agendas.

Finally, if Republicans can’t confuse voters to vote for them, then they plan to exclude them. The Voter ID laws in 35 states were put in place to deny traditionally Democratic voters their right to vote. Voter fraud is non-exsisent but instead is the LIE used to disenfranchised voters to steal state and the national election.

Call for Action: Call the Republicans liars to their face at every opportunity. They need to know that people know they are lying. Insist that all elected officials work for what is best for All Americans not just some Americans. Finally be prepared to vote for what is good for American… not for what is good for either the Republicans or Democrats.

God is unknowable therefore…

August 5th, 2012

Since God is more and less than anyone can imagine, then those who say they speak with or for God either:

1) Conceive a God much more or less than IS,
2) Are Delusional, and/or
3) Are lying to those who listen and probably to themselves.

Since God is unknowable, then the only example of God Christians have is Jesus the Man. Hence, following Jesus’ lessons and acting like he said is the closes to God any human can get. The Jefferson Bible should be the Bible for these Christian lessons.

So, God’s mysticism is too much/little for the human brain to know. Therefore, God’s ethics like those from Jesus is what humans should follow. Unchurched Christians know this. It is time that sects in all Religions acknowledge this and start coming together rather than continuing to splinter in the name of an unknowable God.

A Call for Action Since Tolerance of Republican Policies Equals Passivity to Injustice

July 31st, 2012

Over the last three decades, Independents and Democrats have been tolerant of Republican policies while the opposite has not been true. However, this tolerance has become passivity to injustices. Passivity to injustice lead to Hitler and other notorious despots to take power in their countries and create internal, regional and international havoc. Likewise, continued passivity to Republican injustices will lead to havoc to the American way of life.

Republican policies in the last three decades has lead to a significant decline of the American Middle Class and worsening of poverty in the USA. Concurrently, the Republican stalwarts, i.e., the top 1%, have greatly enriched themselves by using this same policies. Republicans frame their injustices in terms such as “Job creators”, “death taxes”, breaking unions and the like. These terms obscure their injustices thus preventing effective countering.

It is time for Independents and Democrats to give precedence to their core value of countering injustices over their value of tolerance. It is also time for them to act in unison to prevent the worsening of Republican lead injustices and to reverse them.

The American way of life is in danger of splintering into a new American aristocracy of 1%-ers leading the remaining 99% of serf-like workers. This will cause an American Dark Ages and economic stagnation. If it is not yet “Class Warfare” that the Republican decry, it soon will be.

$1000 Does NOT Create Jobs But It Does Improve the National Deficit

July 11th, 2012

Republicans are against an extra $1,000 a year tax on those who make over $250,000 per year. They believe it will prevent “Job Creators” from creating jobs. Yet, the Republicans have yet to explain how a Job Creator will create any jobs with an extra $1,000 per year. On the other hand, the extra $1,000 per year in taxes will very significantly decrease the national deficit. It seems like a no brainer but then no one ever claimed the Repbulicans had brains.

Instead of Job Creators, these 1%ers are “Revenue Hoarders.” Hoarding revenue and ludicrously excessive wealth while not paying for the infrastructure that help create their hoards has proven nationally unsustainable. Renouncing US citizenship to avoid paying taxes is treasonous. This also applies to corporations (that are ‘people’) who keep massive revenues off shore in order to avoid paying taxes. Taxes paid for the INFRASTRUCTURE that lead to the 1%ers’ and corporation’s income. Now they don’t want to pay for its upkeep and renewal. It is not only unpatriotic but also selfish!

TAXES is what paid for what the US is today. It is every citizen’s duty and moral obligation to pay their fair share of taxes–no matter the final amount paid. Taxphobia is no excuse for not fulfilling ones moral obligation as a US Citizen.

TAXES: How Unemployment and City Cash Flow Problems Can Be Solved

July 11th, 2012

If all the public employees (teachers, fire fighters, police, etc.) laid off due to the 2008 financial crises were rehired, the national unemployment problem would be solved!! The private sector is not causing the unemployment crises, but instead it is the unemployment of public workers that is in crises.

Simultaneously, for years many cities have been going through revenue and cash flow problems causing many reductions in public workers and services. Some are even cutting more public services, public employees pay and their pensions and some are filing for bankruptcy. There just isn’t enough cash!

Increased taxes can increase government revenues that would allowed for rehiring public workers and restoring needed public services.

TAX the tax phobic 1% who has pocket the trillions of dollars in tax cuts in the last decade. Taxphobia should NOT prevent tax increases when it is the logical thing to do. Taxophobics need get over their phobia or get out of public service that pays them tax money.